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Nov 2021

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The transition to a carbon free world is happening now. Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) levels is imperative to your organization’s sustainability journey, but scope 3 emissions can be challenging since they are emissions that occur in your value chain and thus cannot be directly influenced by your organization. With no time left to waste on the race to net zero, discover how to reduce your scope 3 emissions today. Read More

Industry Updates

At the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference, or COP26, global leaders hope to agree on a roadmap to achieve the 2015 Paris Agreement commitment of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Since we can’t just flip a switch and decarbonize the global economic system, businesses need global leaders to provide a transition plan. Read More

Modular Asset Management is developing an environmental, social and governance framework for investing in cryptocurrencies, an asset class that often runs into trouble on all three counts. Read More

At SB’21 San Diego, leaders in food, retail, finance, healthcare, pet care and more shared lessons learned from a variety of initiatives aimed at moving the needle on consumer behavior change. Read More

NOV 2021
Special Feature


The ESG Revolution In Mauritius: Let’s Kick Off Your ESG Journey!

Incorporating a well-defined and holistic ESG strategy can mitigate current and future growing risks for any corporation. Access the recording of this webinar to propel you on your ESG journey as our speakers from a Top 100 company and local Mauritius organizations share their strategies with you.


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