The addition of Cameron-Cole increases our depth and reach in environmental and regulatory compliance, air quality, and greenhouse gas (GHG) services, and environmental assessments.

I am thrilled to share the exciting news that ADEC Innovations recently acquired Cameron-Cole, a full-service environmental services and regulatory compliance consulting firm with decades of nationwide operations in the United States. The Cameron-Cole team is proud of their commitment to provide critical environmental compliance services to their clients.  

This partnership marks a new collaboration, bringing together our collective resources and expertise to elevate the local, national, and global reach surrounding the environmental and sustainability consulting industry.

Why Cameron-Cole?

There are multiple reasons why Cameron-Cole is an excellent addition to the ADEC Innovations group of companies.  With this acquisition, ADEC Innovations, of which ADEC ESG is a part, expands and extends our pure-play environmental and sustainability consulting businesses. The addition of Cameron-Cole increases our depth and reach in environmental and regulatory compliance, air quality and GHG services, and environmental assessments 

Cameron-Cole’s team brings proven expertise to each client assignment. These experts include their staff scientists, engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, and technicians, as well as consulting experts that include policy analysts, social accountants, energy use specialists, architects, and LEED® experts, product certification experts, sustainability data managers, and partners outside of the U.S. to extend our reach and assist in market-specific knowledge and experience. 

We share a common culture: Cameron-Cole conducts business responsibilities consistent with the highest levels of performance expected by its clients, and its employees; something culturally synergistic with ADEC ESG. 

What’s Next? 

Cameron-Cole has built a successful business over the past 20+ years, and we look forward to melding our companies’ services, systems, and cultures, and ensuring that all our clients and employees are as excited as we are about this new partnership. Because our employees are top priority, we plan to make this integration as seamless as possible.  

While Cameron-Cole will continue its commitment to provide critical environmental compliance services to clients, their geographical reach will now go beyond the United States, joining the 4,500-strong workforce that ADEC Innovations has across 24 sites located in 17 countries across 6 continents. And, they will have seamless access to ADEC Innovations’ software and data management and processing capabilities, enabling them to provide more extensive and effective client solutions to our clients. 

Welcome, Cameron-Cole! 

Please join me in welcoming Cameron-Cole clients, partners, and team members to ADEC Innovations. Today we begin a new and exciting chapter together as we continue to innovate the environmental science and sustainability industry, always keeping the needs of our employees and clients at the forefront. I look forward to what will undoubtedly be great things to come! 


For more details about the acquisition and the collaborative services that Cameron-Cole brings to this partnership, access the official press release here.

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