Collect data to start
your sustainability

Reliable, consistent, and accurate data is the foundation of your journey. Accurate qualitative and quantitative data allows you to establish a baseline, identify areas of opportunities, and track your progress over time.

How can ADEC ESG help? Our data management solutions give you the ability to analyze growth and meet goals across environmental, social, and governance data. Our team of subject matter experts work with you to design, organize, and implement long-term data integration and management programs. Let us help you set a solid foundation for your sustainability journey.

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Evaluate your
data to identify
potential gaps and
discover new
pathways for your

Interpret the data you have collected: take a detailed look to make connections and identify gaps, risks, and new opportunities.

How can ADEC ESG help? With decades of industry experience, our team will guide you in analyzing available data and information using the most current industry standards and requirements. Together, we’ll establish a more complete picture and facilitate strategic action.

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Develop a plan to achieve
your sustainability goals.

Set appropriate goals and targets, and establish a plan of action to map out your organization’s sustainability journey.

How can ADEC ESG help? No matter which phase of your sustainability journey you are in, we’re here to help. Our team offers expertise across every stage of planning, from measurement and reporting, to developing resiliency plans and integrating ESG into your business strategies.

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Put your plan into action to move forward
in your sustainability journey.

Implement systems and programs to make measurable progress towards your goals and targets.

How can ADEC ESG help? We provide support throughout program implementation, working as an extension of your team to collaborate with and engage your stakeholder ecosystem. We take a full-service approach to every project, providing industry expertise, support, and guidance to help you achieve quantifiable results.

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Track & Automate

Automate tracking and monitoring to
streamline your programs.

With your programs underway, optimize your data management using automation to track and inform progress within your direct operations and supply chain.

How can ADEC ESG help? We fully integrate consulting and software with world-class expertise in back office data processing so you receive the most effective and real-time solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Increase transparency
through standardized
verification and reporting.

Share your findings, progress, and success of your sustainability journey with a rapidly-growing stakeholder community.

How can ADEC ESG help? Investors, consumers, and other stakeholders want validated, relevant data to support their decision-making. Our team has years of experience with major global indices and other reporting frameworks, to help you improve your reporting and performance.

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