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We are excited to announce that FirstCarbon Solutions’ (FCS) ESG business line is now ADEC Innovations!

When you hear the name ‘FirstCarbon’, to some it conveys a sole emphasis on carbon management. While carbon management is one service we provide, our capabilities exceed and build upon this, combining our Industry Expertise, Data Management and Software Solutions into innovations that help save time, reduce costs, optimize resources and drive operational efficiencies.

With this in mind, we have adopted the name of our umbrella brand, ADEC Innovations (ADEC) and, effective immediately, you will note our updated branding as ADEC ESG Solutions. FCS has always been a part of ADEC, and adopting the ADEC name further unites the brands and speaks to the breadth of the overall ADEC Innovations portfolio, which includes solutions for ESG, healthcare and knowledge management.

We welcome you to visit our new website, where you will find resources such as white papers, case studies, newsletters and brochures.

After scoring over 20,000 CDP submissions and conducting over 1,300 review calls with companies about their CDP performance, ADEC is still regarded as one of the leading experts in the functional requirements of the CDP Climate Change and Water questionnaires. We continue to be a Gold Consultancy Partner, Silver Software Partner, and Global Scoring and Outsourcing Partner.*

As an industry leader for the past 30 years, and after successfully completing more than 8,000 projects for various industries and organizations, FCS remains an important contributor to ADEC’s overall mission of making an impact. Under FCS, an ADEC Innovation, the environmental planning business line continues to provide cost-effective solutions in environmental compliance, environmental impact management, and due diligence and entitlements services, including natural and cultural resources management, air quality and noise management, and regulatory permitting.

We look forward to introducing you to our new brand, ADEC Innovations, where impact matters. For more information on the name change, please visit our website.

ADEC Innovations is a leading provider of social and environmental sustainability solutions, delivering fully-integrated industry expertise, software solutions and data management.



*In accordance with CDP’s conflict of interest policy, ADEC does not provide official scoring services for any of our CDP consulting clients.

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