When you think about the environment, where do you see yourself? Are you an outsider looking at the concept of your surroundings as if you were watching a movie unfold in a theatre? Or are you part of that movie – moving, creating, influencing, and actively living within it as an inseparable part of your surroundings?

The truth is, as much as we see the environment as if it were something outside of ourselves, a seemingly separate part of our time on this planet, it is not. By studying the environment as if it were separate and distinct, we often allow ourselves a false sense of dominance over the planet whose natural limits will in the long run, also limit us.

What if we chose to see nature as an all encompassing life source that we are naturally apart of instead? Would we then feel differently about our actions or show more concern for our neighboring countries? I believe the answer to this is, yes. It is important, however, that we take the necessary steps to learn about nature without overstepping our own boundaries while in the process. And while it is the different functions and aspects of nature in all of its systems that allow life to exist, we must not forget that there is a greater picture to be seen.

The beauty of the world that surrounds us is that it is also a part of us. No matter how far we separate or distance ourselves from the natural environment by creating genetically modified foods, or other man-made products for instance, we are still inherently part of nature. The choices we continue to make and the actions we take are in a sense, nature acting. However, we must maintain that our actions, just like all other events in nature, are kept in check. While we have acquired the abilities to hypothesize about future events or to craft the surrounding environment in ways that benefit our prosperity, it is important we don’t leave nature behind while trying to get ahead.

As most cycles in nature come full circle, our decision to either learn from the natural functioning and balancing of ecosystems or to put our conveniences first, will come back to us. Without taking the products of our actions into account, we risk altering the natural balance that nature seeks to maintain. Although we are a part of nature, we must remember that the end result of our choices will spread like a ripple in a pond throughout the rest of the environment, in ways seen or unseen.

Remember that the planet, although filled with different functions from the microscopic to the visible level, is home to more than just humans. We can study and predict occurrences in nature to the farthest extent, but that does not make us any less susceptible to the ripple effect of our actions on all other parts of the shared environment.



By taking in all aspects of environmental sustainability, FCS has the knowledge and capabilities to help you understand the impacts of your companies sustainable actions from a wide range of perspectives. We realize the importance of taking sustainable action now in order to prevent any future negative impacts to our planet and to slow those that are already in place. For more information, or to speak to one of our experts, click on the link below:

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