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On Wednesday, January 31, ADEC Innovations hosted a webinar introducing CleanChain, our secure online chemical information management system, built for suppliers and supported by brands.

Both brands and suppliers can benefit greatly from working towards the target of zero hazardous chemicals in their supply chain. Doing so enables them to meet important national and international standards, to reduce risks in manufacturing and sales, and to maintain a positive brand reputation among clients and the public. Managing chemical information in a regulatory environment that isn’t standardized is often challenging, requiring manual data aggregation and analysis, which is time-consuming, complex, risky and outdated.

CleanChain, an ADEC Innovation, solves this challenge, providing:

  • Visibility into your entire supply chain’s chemical products
  • A secure platform to share your data with multiple clients and stakeholders in one location
  • A full library of test results and conformance information on products used by CleanChain suppliers
  • Custom tools to visually compare how each product stacks up against different Manufacturing Restricted Substance Lists (MRSLs) and Substance Control List (SCL)
  • Detailed questionnaires to help you provide product data to clients, and request that information from your suppliers
  • An intuitive connections system, allowing you to easily manage which other brands and suppliers can see your data and inventory, and whose data you can see in turn

ADEC Innovations is a leading provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions, including fully integrated industry expertise, software solutions and data management. To watch a recording of the webinar, click here. Find out more about CleanChain and book a customized demo here.

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