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Chemical management is a crucial part of the operations of any modern textile brand. By consciously examining the chemicals used in their supply chains, companies can follow through on their values with real action, minimizing any negative impact their manufacturing might have on the environment or local communities.

By ensuring their compliance to local and global safety standards, companies can demonstrate their awareness of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues to clients, customers, and shareholders alike.

However, there are a number of challenges that companies who are looking to improve chemical management processes face:

  • Aggregating data: A large brand may have hundreds of different manufacturers in its supply chain. Manually gathering data on chemical use from every manufacturer is extremely resource-intensive in terms of time and labor costs. This method of manually aggregating information is also vulnerable to human error.
  • Drawing conclusions: Collating all this information into a unified format in order to draw big picture conclusions and understand supply chain compliance is a huge undertaking. What is the most effective method of analyzing this data, and how can you use it to improve?
  • Creating transparency: Collected data and analyses must be presented in an understandable format for internal use and an accessible format for external use.

Companies must find solutions to these challenges if they are to enjoy the benefits of a more streamlined, more responsible chemical management plan. CleanChain, an ADEC Innovation, offers a comprehensive solution. A unique digital chemical information management platform, CleanChain is designed to address the challenges of collecting, interpreting, and sharing chemical data:

  • Manufacturers can upload lists of the chemical products they use into CleanChain straight from Microsoft Excel or similar formats, and CleanChain will locate all available data on those products from its registered labs and suppliers, eliminating the need to for manual processes.
  • Comparing compliance data and lab analyses is easy with CleanChain’s traffic-light charts and graphs. A personalized dashboard allows each CleanChain user to get an overview of their company’s chemical management at a glance.
  • Brands can connect with other brands and suppliers using CleanChain’s smart connections system, and gather more in-depth information from each other through intuitive questionnaires. CleanChain also links up with ZDHC’s InCheck system to create easy-to-understand reports for stakeholders.

As modern brands and suppliers seek to more effectively manage their chemical information, meet stakeholder expectations, and demonstrate a commitment to a sustainable future, they need the right tools to help them meet their goals. CleanChain is a powerful solution designed specifically for these organizations, providing straightforward, effective, and responsive answers to the challenges of chemical information management.


ADEC Innovations is a leading provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions, including fully integrated industry expertise, software solutions, and data management. Find out more about CleanChain and book a customized demo here.



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