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ADEC Innovations and members of the CleanChain team recently traveled to Nairobi to attend the 4th session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA). The week-long meeting included member states, coalitions, NGO’s, and the private sector, and had an overriding theme of addressing sustainable consumption and production as well as finding innovative solutions for environmental challenges.

ADEC Innovations at UNEA

ADEC Innovations, with its expertise in managing complex supply chains and chemical product data, attended panels focused on changing production and consumption habits particularly in the fashion industry. Many of the stakeholders in this arena share the vision of ADEC Innovations in that it will take collective leadership to address the fashion industry’s contribution to global pollution.

The UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion was officially launched during UNEA and maintained a large presence at the proceedings in Kenya. This group includes members such as Connect4Climate (The World Bank Group), FAO, Ethical Fashion Initiative (International Trade Centre), and more. The main objective of the alliance is to bring awareness to consumers and brands that will lead to actionable pathways of change. Attendees were able to view a fashion show put on by the alliance that showcased innovative fabrics made of fish scales, processed corn husks, and recycled plastics.

ADEC Innovations at UNEA

ADEC Innovations’ role in transforming the fashion industry has been to provide monitoring and evaluation data in the form of CleanChain to supplement the information gaps that still exist in terms of best practices that should be implemented throughout the fashion and textile manufacturing sector. The UN gives private sector actors, like ADEC Innovations, a platform to share our message with a broader audience and engage that audience to take action.

The only way we can achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals is to mobilize consumers, producers, and stakeholders in the fashion and textile industry to take action. We at ADEC Innovations are hopeful for the future of fashion and aim to create tools that will help guide our society in this journey to sustainable development.


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