February 18, 2021, Manila, Philippines — The unprecedented growth in the health information and management systems (HIMS) industry in the Philippines can be attributed to the increasing demand for the homegrown talent pool from outsourcing companies.

Industry leaders delved deeper into how the Philippines was able to supplement the worldwide constraints on the availability of human resources with its own pool of talent during a recent virtual forum organized by the Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

A caring Filipino workforce

At the core of this thriving industry is the predominantly young Filipino workforce trained with the skillset required for healthcare matters. Though apart from their skills, ADEC Innovations CEO James Donovan also praised the Filipinos’ ability to focus on care in delivering services to clients.

“The Philippine advantage is, in a word, its people. Hospitals around the world bring in Filipinos not just because of their technical expertise, but because of their care,” Donovan said.

ADEC Innovations serves as a testament to this: through its Healthcare division, the company combines this focus on care with its in-house technological capabilities to deliver medical management, revenue cycle management, and digital health management solutions to its global clients.

With these services, ADEC Innovations contributed to the fast-growing industry in the Philippines. According to DICT director Emmy Lou Delfin, the country’s HIMS industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the IT-BPM sector, generating a total of $2.96 billion in revenue and providing jobs to over 143,000 individuals as of 2019.

Outsourcing during the pandemic

Even the current pandemic did little to hamper a positive outlook for the HIMS industry, as revenues are projected to grow by 7.3% to 10.8% in 2022.

HIMAP Vice President Vincent Remo noted a significant increase in demand for particular technology-enabled healthcare services during the pandemic, including telemedicine, mobile healthcare, and data analytics.

For years, ADEC Innovations Healthcare has been augmenting the administrative operations of hospitals abroad with its comprehensive suite of value-based care services. In the past year alone, ADEC Innovations Healthcare conducted thousands of reviews and processed thousands of claims with a 100% turnaround time compliance rate and a 98% accuracy rate.

Donovan stressed the importance of these solutions in light of the current pandemic and in a post-pandemic future. “In these times, it’s important that most of the administrative work is outsourced so that frontliners can be redeployed to the delivery of more critical healthcare services,” he said.

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