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Audits are costly. Managing supply chain connections, conducting assessments, tracking corrective actions, and aggregating all this information into useful reports are necessary tasks that are both time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, an effective automated solution can greatly reduce these costs, taking on much of the labor of auditing.

CleanChain, an ADEC Innovation, is a unique digital chemical information management platform that helps to automate the auditing process. By making use of its tracking and aggregation features, brands can greatly reduce the costs of auditing and assessing their suppliers.

Automating Supply Chain Management

CleanChain eases the burden of managing supply chain information by distributing work across the whole supply chain. In CleanChain, a brand only needs to manage its direct connections – it can rely on each of its suppliers to manage their own connections. At every point, information is managed by those who are closest to it, improving accuracy while reducing the burden on any one company.

Automating Updates with Evergreen Assessments

Tracking the progress of a manufacturing site usually requires brands to compare every new assessment for that site with previous assessments, which is very time-consuming. With CleanChain’s evergreen functionality, there is only ever one assessment per site, which is constantly updated as new information enters the system. CleanChain captures snapshots of important changes in the assessment to provide on-demand comparisons, simplifying the process and providing easier access to vital insights.

Tracking Corrective Action and Status

Corrective action plans issued to suppliers must be traceable by future audits, from the initial issues through the requirements given and the actions taken, including all the necessary documentation. CleanChain’s system gathers all this data through assessment questions, allowing suppliers to transparently provide the findings of their actions to their clients, and allowing clients to easily track the progress of the plan.

Automating Comprehensive Reports

Building comprehensive, informative reports can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the audit process. CleanChain does all this work behind the scenes through its insight dashboards. Each CleanChain user’s personal dashboard generates charts comparing the performance of different chemicals, suppliers and sites, with plenty of room to dig down into the data. With these tools, communicating the results of audits and assessments to executive management and to suppliers is easier than ever before.


The time-consuming and labor-intensive nature of the audit process can result in significant overheads, but tools like CleanChain can greatly reduce these costs through automation. Thanks to tools like this, cheaper, less time-consuming audits are the future.


CleanChain, an ADEC Innovation, helps you gain visibility and insights into the chemical use in your supply chain. Want to find out more? Book a free demo with us today to find out how CleanChain can help you engage your supply chain and improve your chemical management initiatives.

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