Sustainability has become pivotal to the success of many companies, as environmental externalities such as climate change, water scarcity, flooding, pollution and deforestation present material risks. Accordingly, a growing number of investment groups and customers now require transparency in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), making it critical for organizations to participate in standards such as CDP to document their commitment to climate resiliency. CDP not only provides an information platform for investors to protect their long term investments and reduce the risks arising from environmental effects, it also helps organizations implement successful supplier engagement strategies, reduce supply chain emissions, control water impact and manage risk in a changing climate.

With a mission of helping organization measure, disclose and improve their climate change strategies, long-time partners FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) and CDP have recently announced an expanded global scoring partnership, designating FCS as CDP’s global sustainability process outsourcing (BPO) partner.  As CDP’s BPO partner, FCS will take on an expanded role in CDP’s scoring programs and initiatives through managing a greater scope of work under CDP investor-led programs.  

An Expanded Partnership

FCS has been a CDP scoring partner since 2011, scoring over 6,400 company disclosures and providing guidance to help organizations track and improve their environmental performance. FCS’ participation in CDP scoring activities has grown consistently over the course of the partnership, as they have added the Nordic, Benelux, India, and Australia/New Zealand regions to their role as CDP’s exclusive supply chain program scoring partner.

In addition to continuing to provide scoringservices for the CDP supply chain program and regional investor programs, FCS will now:

  • Become the scoring partner for the S&P
  •  500 and FTSE 350 climate change disclosures – analyzing how market-leading companies are accelerating progress toward a lower-carbon future.
  • Take on scoring disclosures for the CDP Southeast Asia region. 
  • Provide consultation on the development of CDP’s scoring processes and IT capabilities.
  • Offer even more innovative services to suppliers, investors and member organizations.

This enhanced partnership positions FCS as CDP’s go-to solutions provider for any company looking to outsource environmental data collection from complex worldwide operations, and enhance the efficiency of this process. Ultimately, FCS and CDP will enable companies to spend more time on taking action to reduce emissions. In conjunction with the new partnership, FCS will maintain its status as CDP gold consultancy partner and silver software partner, and will again serve as lead scorer for CDP’s on-demand scoring services. 

FCS helps clients save time, reduce costs, optimize resource use and drive operational efficiencies. Our team recognizes the myriad of sustainability challenges that organizations face in an increasingly regulation-cognizant world, as such we strive to give you a clear picture of your environmental performance. With more than 30 years of environmental and sustainability consulting experience, FCS has offices throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and North America to ensure we meet our clients’ ever-evolving environmental and compliance needs in energy, air and carbon management; environmental assessments and planning; supply and life cycle assessments; permitting and compliance; software and data processing. For more information, contact us:

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