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image-from-rawpixel-id-146482-jpegThe CDP response period may be over for this year, but it is hardly the time to kick back and relax just yet. Every organization should be thinking about planning and implementing the carbon management activities, strategies, actions, and policies that define your approach to environmental sustainability for 2019—and the years to come.

2018 saw the launch of revised questionnaires on the themes of climate change, water security, and forests, alongside the introduction of 19 sector-specific questionnaires. CDP’s evolution continues in 2019. So how should you prepare? There are a wide variety of tools available to organizatinos, whether they are responding to CDP for the first time or are seasoned veterans of the process. Have you ever thought about what tools are in your CDP toolkit?


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CDP Public Resources

The best place to start is with CDP itself. The CDP website provides guidance for companies that includes essential information on the methodologies, question requirements, point implications, and background and technical information on the CDP process.

Another great place to look is CDP’s Open Data Portal, which allows you to filter datasets by location, CDP scores, targets, GHG emissions, climate change, and more. Historical data plays a huge part in planning ahead, and the Open Data Portal provides information that can aid in decision-making and development for your sustainability programs. Browse data on a variety of topics including climate risks, projected economic opportunities, organizational commitments, and regional targets.


Quantis Scope 3 Evaluator

The Quantis Scope 3 Evaluator is another great tool for understanding your scope 3 emissions. Measuring scope 3 emissions is an important part of your CDP response, and the Quantis evaluator provides a simple and accessible method for doing this. The free screening tool provides a rough estimation of your scope 3 emissions, and is a great stepping stone towards minimizing your footprint.


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Whatever approach you take this year, be sure not to leave your CDP response on the sidelines – put sustainability at the heart of your organization this year.


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