The Challenge

Sustainability is an integral part of every sector—and few understand this better than the recycling industry. Portland, Oregon-based metals recycling and manufacturing company Schnitzer Steel Industries puts sustainability at the core of its business, aiming to create value and bring a positive impact to the communities it serves. The firm is an active part of the circular economy, extending the useful life of metals at its nearly 100 operating facilities for nearly a century.

Clearly and consistently communicating sustainability initiatives plays a crucial role in any effective ESG strategy. Publicized frameworks such as CDP streamline this communication through standardized reporting and scoring—although the lengthy and frequently evolving questionnaire can prove to be a challenge. In 2020, Schnitzer had been reporting to CDP on Climate Change since 2017 and was looking to take its performance to the next level.

Our Solution

Scoring Assessments

A key part of improving Schnitzer’s CDP performance included a strategic approach to disclosure. An ADEC ESG Solutions Scoring Assessment allowed their team to pinpoint where improvements could be made before they submitted their response. The ADEC ESG team also advised on what parts of the questionnaire the company should focus its attention and provided specific suggestions that should be incorporated into its response. Flexibility and timeliness are essential for Scoring Assessments, as short timeframes give clients the ability to execute recommended actions sooner and give them the time they need to adjust and adapt to their unique situation.

Detailed Guidance

ADEC ESG provided detailed guidance and specific examples when advising Schnitzer’s team. That knowledge brought greater clarity in understanding CDP’s questionnaire and allowed the company to draft a response that more strictly aligned with the current CDP scoring methodology. Schnitzer has successfully improved its CDP score nearly every year since 2018, achieving a Leadership A- for Climate Change and Leadership A for Water Security in 2021.

Sustainability Journey

Schnitzer’s remarkable progress on its ESG goals stems from a deep commitment to local communities, the environment, and the business communities it serves. Understanding its impact and the impact of its value chain, Schnitzer’s decision-making process hinges on actions that move toward a more sustainable future.

ADEC ESG Solutions is a proud partner and supporter of Schnitzer as the company takes its next steps on its Sustainability Journey and grows as a change leader in an industry at the heart of the circular economy.

Results and Deliverables

  • Achieved a Leadership A- on 2020-2021 CDP Climate Change questionnaire
  • Reached the CDP Water Security A List for 2020-2021

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