The Challenge

Effectively collecting data on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has advantages for any organization, ensuring transparency to key stakeholders such as investors and customers, and helping build trust in their products and brands. It allows for more effective decision making and use of resources, and can result in improved sustainability performance, helping organizations play a part in improving conditions for the natural environment and local communities. To be effective, GHG inventories require exceptional detail, and collecting manual data is very time and resource intensive.

Navistar, a leading manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles, and engines, needed to put together a comprehensive annual inventory of their GHG emissions data to help better understand and manage their environmental footprint. They were seeking software, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and professional services to help automate the collection of their GHG emissions data, with the ultimate objective of improving the effectiveness of their energy and emissions management. Navistar’s data stretched back nine years, and they were concerned that manual collection of such a large amount of data would result in errors. As a dynamic company, whose operational processes undergo regular change, they needed an adaptive and automated solution.

Our Solution

ADEC ESG Solutions helps organizations and communities build highly scalable, customized systems to reduce operational costs while improving sustainability performance. Our team works to integrate data collected from multiple sources and stored in multiple formats into streamlined, unified data systems, allowing for seamless aggregation and analysis.

ADEC ESG Solutions guided Navistar in the development of two GHG inventories, for 2016 and 2017. In subsequent years, Navistar continued to work with ADEC ESG Solutions to recreate historic inventories using GHG data dating back to Navistar’s 2008 baseline.

To support GHG inventory generation, ADEC ESG Solutions also provided audit preparation, improvement reporting, and inventory evaluation.

These services have allowed Navistar to track changes in its energy use and GHG emissions to better understand and manage its environmental footprint. Our team also provided detailed custom reports for Navistar to use in its CDP submissions, internal sustainability reports, and responses to other evaluation standards.

The ADEC Innovations Advantage

The customizability, flexibility, and consistency of our ESG data management services served as effective solutions to the challenges of collecting and managing Navistar’s GHG emissions data. The ADEC ESG team completely automated Navistar’s data collection system, providing a consistently accurate database that Navistar could feel confident in and a benchmark that Navistar could use to grow from. These data systems also facilitate modeling changes to emission factors and other parameters, allowing Navistar to explore different avenues for emissions management in future years.

ADEC ESG Solutions takes a full-service approach to every project, offering industry expertise, support, and guidance to complement software solutions. As a result, Navistar’s Environmental and Energy Affairs staff were able to focus their efforts on other projects, reducing staff costs and improving operational efficiency in the department.


Deliverables and Results

  • Complete GHG inventories for 2016 and 2017
  • Annual historic inventories dating back to 2008
  • Single database of all GHG data
  • Fully detailed custom reports for use in CDP submissions and other reporting
  • Reduced staff costs and improved operational efficiency in Navistar’s Environmental and Energy Affairs department

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