Located in Minneapolis, ARKRAY’s U.S.-based team has strategic ESG ambitions. In late 2020, they took aim at CDP’s Climate Change questionnaire covering emissions and energy data, target setting, supply chain engagement, and more.

The medical device manufacturer reached out to ADEC ESG Solutions for assistance on its 2021 CDP response, concentrating largely around how to navigate the complex questionnaire and many of its nuanced questions. During flexible on-demand consulting hours, our team started off by supporting parts of ARKRAY’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions calculations. We introduced ARKRAY’s team to specific, practical tools and offered guidance on how to use them to calculate many of the metrics required for reporting to CDP.

Our consultants also helped ARKRAY’s team strengthen the foundations of their emissions tracking, which will give them a head-start on future reporting and metrics management. We provided guidance on topics such as definitions of scope 3 categories and understanding what their scope 3 materiality might look like, giving the ARKRAY team the direction they needed to feel confident about their CDP response and emissions tracking.

As ARKRAY USA embarks on its Sustainability Journey, ADEC ESG Solutions is excited for the road to come. We are proud to support organizations of all sizes and across all industries as they move to make sustainability a part of the way they do business every day.

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