Why Your Business Needs a Sustainability Plan


As the private and public sectors continue to develop their sustainability plans to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and the wellbeing of their communities, the private sector faces the challenge of ensuring the long-term viability of their operations and the wellbeing of their clients and consumers.

FCS Opens New Office in LA

After 30 years of unparalleled environmental planning services, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS), a leader in global sustainability solutions, is formally re-entering the LA market with the opening of its new office in West Los Angeles, located at 11755 Wilshire Blvd., in Suite 1660. The new location will allow FCS to better serve our existing LA clients, in addition to helping organizations, private companies and governmental institutions of all sorts to responsibly grow, operate, and navigate environmental and regulatory processes and advance their sustainability performance.

FCS Expands Services to San Jose Area

For 30 years, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) has helped organizations, including private companies and governmental institutions, responsibly grow, operate, and navigate environmental and regulatory processes and improve their sustainability performance. With our newly opened San Jose office, we are able to offer our clients expanded client services and technical expertise.

Brownfield to Sustainable Development: An Action Plan

Famous American humorist and writer Mark Twain was quoted saying “buy land – they’re not making it anymore.” Will Rogers, the American actor and writer from the 1930s, also voiced this sentiment and actually did buy land. If these two were right, then preparing brownfield land, or sites, for future development must be a good idea.

FirstCarbon Solutions and CDP Expand Partnership

A partnership: Working together since 2011, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) and CDP have expanded their already strong partnership. As organizations that share a common mission and recognition that sustainability matters, FCS and CDP are focused on helping companies advance their business practices not only to improve the environment, but also to strengthen an organization’s bottom line. […]

Sustainability Metrics: ESG Actions Make for Profitable Business

As changes in the environment continue to affect businesses, engaging in eco-friendly businesses seems like a “no-brainer”. Not only do they help prepare companies for change, but environmental sustainability solutions also help cut costs, increase profit, and make brands trustworthy and more sought-after.

Environmental Compliance and Risk Registers

In my last blog we discussed the importance of sustainability reporting to reduce business risk and included a discussion of the three fundamental risk varieties: known risks, unknown risks, and unknown unknown risks. As recommended in the last blog, this blog continues the risk theme by introducing the risk register. The Project Management Institute describes a risk register:

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